The Rarebird Kids Co. mascot splashes vibrant paint colors together to create smart, unique artwork for kids' gifts, clothes, and accessories

At Rarebird, we don’t put kids onto the conveyer belt of boring conventions.

An adorable T-Rex holds a mass of colorful balloons that lift him high into the sky, where among the clouds he is greeted by the delighted Rarebird mascot

Instead, we do supernova colors, audacious dreams, and unfiltered joy.

Two young parents are disappointed by kids clothes with pervasive, old-school gender stereotypes that limit the development potential of boys and girls

We are an artistic husband and wife team with two young children. While shopping for them, we were frustrated by the lack of originality, emotional intelligence, and mindful messaging in the kids market. We found so many problems in what kids are "supposed" to wear.

The founders of Rarebird Kids Co. working hard to design unique gifts and clothes for toddlers and kids: empowering shirts, creative accessories, fun merch

That’s why we built our own brand — Rarebird Kids Co. — to surround their early years with ideas that shape a lifetime of creative, barrier-busting confidence.

Everyday, we pour our hearts into this business for our own kids, and for all the other little ones out there who deserve better too.

A father kneels next to his curious daughter and points up at an astronaut in space. He tells his child, "this can be you"

Because what they hear, wear, and see really matters.

The Rarebird lifts a child toward new heights, unlocking the child's potential to reach new goals and milestones in knowledge, creativity, and confidence

We build confidence, creativity, and character

Whether exploring STEM topics, challenging stereotypes, or encouraging emotional openness — we design our products to energize kids and power-up their ideas. We want to inspire their imaginations and launch their escape from gravity.

The Rarebird leaps from its nest to take flight for the first time, a metaphor for children gaining the confidence to explore fearlessly, learning for life

Are your rare birds ready to take the leap with us?

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