Why we started Rarebird Kids Co.

Why we started Rarebird Kids Co.

Creative confidence starts with nurture and environment

As mindful parents, we're not willing to let our kids become the next generation of passive consumers. We want them to grow as creative thinkers, problem solvers, and fully-realized humans.

But that isn't easy, because three things hold our kids back from reaching their full potential.

First, there are old-world assumptions about what roles our kids must play from the second they're born. Who wears what, who thinks what, and who does what. We're over it. Our daughter obsesses over cars and dinosaurs. We think that's really cool. 🦖

Second: kids are losing their imaginations, because pop-media juggernauts are shaping their fantasies, worlds, and character obsessions so completely. How can children exercise true originality and imagination when there's so much merchandise to buy, so many games to play, and so many characters to copy? So much of that content is junk food for the mind, and children lack the capability to sort the "empty calories" from the nutritious ones. We parents are responsible for choosing their information diets.

Third: America has a math problem. And a science one. And forget about the arts. What happened? Our country, once the powerhouse who put the first man on the moon, is now a global laggard in school S.T.E.A.M. achievement. With our entire future at stake, we must nourish our kids' interest in S.T.E.A.M. a whole lot earlier in life.


Reshaping early childhood impressions

Rather than complain, we realize that our frustration with the status quo is worth channeling into a solution. That's why we started Rarebird Kids Co.

Our mission is to unlock every child's self-belief, by expanding their dreams, encouraging their creativity, and supporting their independent interests. We surround them with powerful messages and smart ideas. Ultimately, we want every child to feel a deep sense of pride and identity, whoever they are.

To start, we built an online store and filled it with encouraging imagery, original art, and personalized keepsakes that will inspire all the little ones out there to stand tall and dream bigger.

Come check us out, support our mission, and follow us on this journey to elevate our kids above the noise. We have a bright future to build together.



Cliff & Suzie, co-founders at Rarebird Kids Co.

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